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Do you remember your old fun parties on Bomberman with your friends?

DybleParty offer you the same fun in 3D on a recent platform (Unity).

Playable from 2 to 4 local players, your goal is to win 5 cups by hitting other players with your bombs in a maze with no exit.

Find the original pick-ups :

  • Upgrade your bomb range to surprise your opponents
  • Upgrade your ability to drop more than a bomb at a time.
  • Upgrade your speed to dodge more easily other's bombs.

To Windows user :
You may experience a "Windows protected your PC" pop up when you try to install it.
You just have to click on "More info" then "Run anyway"

Here is the default bindings, but you can change them all:

  • Default gamepad bindings:
    • Analog stick to move
    • A to drop a bomb
    • B to cancel (menu)
  • Default keyboard bindings:
    • Player 1:
      • arrow keys to move
      • space to drop a bomb
      • backspace to cancel (menu)
    • Player 2:
      • z,q,s,d to move
      • a to drop a bomb
      • e to cancel (menu)
    • Player 3:
      • o,k,l,m to move
      • i to drop a bomb
      • p to cancel (menu)
    • Player 4:
      • 8,4,5,6 to move
      • 0 to drop a bomb
      • . to cancel (menu)


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DybleParty v1.2 for Windows 25 MB
DybleParty v1.2 for Mac os 34 MB

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